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Magical Women crave autonomy. They are creative professionals in their own right and make art as a means of survival as much as towards their art-practice. They are ADHD/autistic women and they crave space.

Space to talk about their art work offers women autonomy over themselves to reclaim their power and develop skills.

Let’s work together!

A place to publish your art and words, a place to talk about your artwork and a place to make art.

A safe space for collaboration and being amongst other women creatives.

A place for authenticity, equality and diversity in a down to earth, kind and compassionate environment that will nurture your skills and strengths and give you space to thrive.

About Me

Welcome to Magical Women, I’m so happy you’ve found us.

It is my mission to support ADHD/ASD and neurodivergent women creatives to thrive in a down to earth and safe space to make art and talk about their art together at Battersea Arts Centre.

Magical Women is about making space so that others can reclaim theirs.

Be Featured!

Be Featured in our Artist Showcase and send in your art to our Magical Women Zine. Upcoming deadline is 15th November 2019.


“Elinor gives incredible insight, and uses careful consideration when giving feedback, in single words or through images.” – T.H. London, UK

“She is both nurturing and considerate and I always bounce my ideas off with her. I can’t wait to publish more Magical Women Zines.” – Gemma, Colchester, UK

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Magical Women

We are based at Scratch hub @ Battersea Arts Centre, London, UK. (Nearest station: Clapham Junction) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


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